Terms & Conditions

1. Definition

Moom Mong R&D Co., Ltd. (“Company”) provides technological platforms including the website hearingheart.co, which provides “Deep Listening” course for users (“User” or “You”) to learn and receive certificate once completed. Once the User is done with the course, they will become “Deep Listener”.

To use the services, you must accept and agree to comply with terms, conditions, and policies appeared on the website.

If You do not want to use the website subject to this Terms and Conditions, you will be unable to use the website or other services relevant to the website.

2. Healthcare Service

The Company does not engage in a healthcare facility business, nor work as a medical practitioner or give some advices. Also, the Company does not intervene in the medical practice of the Doctor(s) or the counseling of the Consultant(s).

All Deep Listeners proving services through the Website are not employees of the Company. The Deep Listeners choose to apply for the app Website independently, in order to provide others with comfort through venting and expressing concerns. Each Deep Listeners shall be solely responsible for his/her advices and complaints from the Users. The Company or any outsiders, who offer services or provide links, shall not be responsible for any advices given to the Users by the Deep Listeners.

3. Site Content

No any other content in the Website shall be considered as a medical advice, or a warranty, or an encouragement that any medicine or treatment is safe and effective for You.

4. Inform Consent

  1. A session with Deep Listeners cannot supersede meeting doctor(s) at a healthcare facility or continuous treatment with your regular doctor(s).
    You could converse with Deep Listeners continuously through the Website.

Benefits of using the Website are the increase in venting window for You. However, the provision of Deep Listening session services is at the same risk as other healthcare services. Potential risks may be technical limitations, including:

  • The delay and discontinuing of signals that make the communication uncapable, which may be caused by errors of electronic devices.
  • Although the Company has privacy and security protection measures for information of Users, in some cases, such measures may have failures which cause information leakage.
  1. In accepting such Terms and Conditions, ****You acknowledge and understand and agree as follows:
    • You understand that you can expect benefits from the use of the Website, but no effect is guaranteed;

5. Privacy

The Company emphasizes the security of user information that must be kept confidential. There is non-disclosure guideline according to the Privacy Policy declared by the company. The Company shall carefully take its security measures to keep any user information secured.

6. User Account

You must create a user account in order to access the Website. Regarding the registration, you are required to fill in your name, surname, email, password, and other relevant information (hereinafter referred to as “Account Information”). You must not disclose or share your password to others. Also, you must retain your password to ensure that no one can access your account rather than you. The Company shall not be able to access your account or take your Account Information to use for other benefits unrelated to the Website.

7. Right of Access

The Company reserves the right of access exclusively for those who have provided their information and registered by creating a user account on the Website. The Company reserves the right to revoke or dismiss the services to You by any reasons. You shall not, or attempt to, do the following actions:

  1. Counterfeiting or distorting information to subrogate others or make it wrongfully understand that you are others;
  1. Using the Website to break a law or social norms;
  1. Copying, modifying, adjusting, or remodeling the Website or any part of the Website;
  1. Disseminating or using the Website for spreading viruses or unsecured information;
  1. Performing any action beyond the common use according to the purposes set forth by the Company.

In addition, you must not behave or converse inappropriately, aggressively, and immorally against social norms or laws. The Company shall not be responsible for any of your actions occurred during the use of the Website. The Company does not strongly recommend using the Website via public computers or devices nor saving or remembering user information, especially passwords, in web browsers or other programs.

8. Service Fee, Charge, and Terms of Payment

The Company shall collect fees from registering to Deep Listening course by using credit card information or payment information through the use of Omise. You consent the Company collecting money from your credit card or other payment channels immediately whenever you receive any chargeable services, which you may not receive any notification or bill of service earlier.


  1. Conditions and Agreement of Organization User (Including the WALL OF SHARING Project)

The Company has made agreements with entities or organizations to give them rights of using the Website without charging service fee. Personnel of entitled organizations (referred to as Organization User or Organization Employee) must accept the conditions and agreements as follows.

9.1. Conditions and Agreements on Using the Right of Organization User

  • Organization User has to register and create a user account using name specified by the entity or the organization, which is normally an email address of the entity or your telephone number provided to the Company.
  • Organization User acknowledges that all of his/her unidentifiable information used in the Website may be passed on to his/her organization, which has made an agreement with the Company, for charging the service fee. Such information is not your identifiable information and is not connected to your user account or other data sets that can be rendered to yourself.
  • The Company strongly focuses on the security and privacy of your information. The Company will attempt in all ways to ensure that all of your information in the system is kept confidential using appropriate security and privacy measures. However, the Company needs to disclose your information to relevant officers to comply with the law or to make your life harmless.

9.2. Conditions on Suspension of Rights of Organization User Using Other User Accounts

The Company does not allow or support a subrogation by using user account of others for accessing the service. If the Service User is detected or proved by the Company that you are subrogating a user account of others for your own benefits, the Company reserves its right to suspend all suspected accounts in order to protect rights of the organization until the Service User verifies its email by contacting the Company directly at [email protected].

10. Trademark

Name, logo, and other statements appeared on the Application are parts of the Company’s trademark. It is not permitted by the Company to utilize or to modify, adjust, remodel this trademark, either in whole or in part, to be used for any purposes without written consent from the Company.

11. Account Dismissal

You can dismiss your account by informing your request to email: [email protected]., then the Company shall dismiss the account for you. After dismissing, you will not be able to access the services, and the Company shall no longer provide services to You. Your personal and health information shall no longer be accessed. However, you can request for cancelling the dismissal to return to use the services later by informing your request to the email given.

12. Amendment of Terms and Conditions

The Company may further amend the Terms and Conditions when it is considered necessary by the Company without giving prior notice to the User. The amendment shall be effective when the amended Terms and Conditions are declared in an appropriate part of the website operated by the Company. The fact that the User continues using the services shall be deemed that the User accepts completely and cannot revoke the amended Terms and Conditions. The User should check the Terms and Con Conditions from time to time during his/her use of services since there may not be notifications separately about the amendment of the Terms and Conditions.

13. Warranty

You must acknowledge that the Company is not a health service provider, nor the one who gives advices, diagnosis or health problem treatments, but an platform provider who connects you to the Deep Listeners, the third party. Therefore, the Company shall not warrant any effects from the advices given by the Deep Listeners. You must accept that the Deep Listeners is not associated with or engaged by the Company. Deep Listeners are independent practitioners who are directly responsible for giving advices, consultations, treatment guidelines.

14. Information of Other Third Parties

In the Website, there may be links connecting to content of other third parties. You acknowledge and agree that the Company shall not be responsible for their content of services. Also, the Company does not control, guarantee, support, recommend, or accept such content. Using the advice services by linking to content of other third parties shall be under your own risk.

15. Indemnity

You agree to indemnify, protect, and cause no damages on Hearing Heart, its service providers, directors, representatives, or affiliates from any breach of the Terms and Conditions.

16. Geographical Limitation

The Company shall not represent that its provision of services and/or advices given through your use of services shall be suitable or usable in overseas or all areas around Thailand.